is the coordination platform for the First World War Centenary (1914-1918) in the Netherlands. The platform is intended for everyone interested in the history and commemoration of the First World War.

Netherlands neutral

Although the Netherlands remained neutral during the conflict, World War One had a strong impact on everyday life in the Netherlands and on the shaping of contemporary society. The goal of the platform is to make the Dutch experience, within an international context, known to the public.

Platform showcases upcoming events and provides information about the First World War. Especially for professionals the platform will provide information on networking and funding opportunities. One of the tasks of is to present a survey of the educational means and needs in the fields of World War One. is a network of Huis Doorn, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the Netherlands Open Air Museum. The platform was developed with support from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Coordination – Cornelis van der Bas - / +31 343 421020
Communication – Jitske Zitman - / +31 343 421020
General information –

c/o Langbroekerweg 10
3941 MT Doorn
The Netherlands
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Museum Huis Doorn

Museum Huis Doorn on the Utrecht Hill Ridge is a genuine ‘heritage site’ of the First World War. From 1919 to 1941 Huis Doorn was the residence-in-exile of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II, who, after the German defeat, went in exile to the Netherlands, which had remained neutral throughout the war. On the estate one can find the Pavilion The Netherlands and World War I and visit the exhibition ‘Between Two Fires’.

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NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Issues related to war violence generate a lot of interest from society and demand independent academic research. NIOD conducts and stimulates such research and its collections are open to all those who are interested. NIOD’s area of work covers the 20th and 21st century, with a focus on research into the effects of wars, the Holocaust and other genocides on individuals and society.

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Netherlands Open Air Museum

Stories about the Netherlands and its population come alive in the Netherlands Open Air Museum. It is the stage where Dutch history is placed within a broader context and becomes meaningful. The Open Air Museum organizes the yearly History Month and is involved in the Cultural Canon of the Netherlands. Together with the Dutch Center for Popular Culture and Immaterial Heritage (VIE) it is the main institution for popular culture and immaterial heritage in the Netherlands.

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ADVISORY BOARD aims to create wide support within the field of historical organisations interested in the First World War and will be assisted by an advisory board.
The following persons are members of the advisory board:

  • Prof. W. Klinkert, professor of military history at the University of Amsterdam and at the Defensieacademie, chairman
  • Dr S. Kruizinga, assistant professor Contemporary History at the University of Amsterdam
  • A. Kruft MA, chairman of the Center for Studies on World War One (Stichting Studiecentrum Eerste Wereldoorlog)
  • Dr R. van Meeteren, president Western Front Association Netherlands
  • Dr P. Moeyes, assistant professor English Litterature and History Hogeschool van Amsterdam